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Escaping the Metropolis

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14 February
New York, United States
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Oh, I feel bad that It's taken me so long to fill this thing out. I am currently in graduate school pursuing a masters in counseling psych and having a blast doing so. I'm going through my quarter life crisis and handling it well, making all sorts of plans and preparations for my mid life crisis, provided we make it past 2012. My journal here is just a catch all for fannish interests and any random thinky thoughts that might come up, or a place to process various things I read or learn. I will rarely talk about my personal life because I'm fairly reticent, but I think my outlook and worldview come through. I'm fairly liberal, with a perverse streak of political incorrectness that I can't seem to stamp out entirely. Ah, what else, I'm not sure, not much else to say. I actually DO like long walks on the beach, and it's easy to get them when you live on the eastern seaboard. I also like being able to see the stars at night, which is not so easy on the eastern seaboard. Also, I am a nerd.
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